Play as Pebble the Bear and help him run his small bakery.
Everyone loves your bread rolls, they are sold out very quickly!
A fascinating game teaches you how to make the rolls, and always watch the oven so they don't burn. Nobody likes burnt rolls!
Open the shop, and make sure to keep your customers satisfied. If there only was a way to make your small stock of delicious rolls last longer. Good to know that Pebble never gives up. Did we mention he is a bear?

Now for some credits:
Simon Parzer - Code
Georg Sperl - Code
Peter Sperl - Graphics, Audio
Matt Kapuszczak - Graphics

We made this game during Ludum Dare 32, April 17th-20th, 2015. It scored 11th place in the "Jam" competition.

Release date Apr 19, 2015
Tags16-bit, bakery, baseball, bear, kneading, Ludum Dare 32


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i love this

That was fun and cute! Took me a few days to learn about egg toss. But is there any end and can I do anything with the money? Is it possible to make more than two rolls in a day?! So many questions.

Hey, thanks for playing! :)

There is no end unfortunately, it was made for Ludum Dare and we never got the chance to develop the game any further after the jam was over. It is possible to make more than 2 rolls, you should be able to do 4-5 with a little bit of practice.